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.....It's Unbelievable sometimes when I think about it, how this short quiz completely changed my life.

Now I know you might be skeptical, especially with a lot of information on social media which is 80% of the time riddled with a lot of Hype, and makes it difficult to find the right answers, But this one quiz was the exception to the rule.


A Little back story....

Am a middle aged woman with 3 Adult kids, in my youthful years I played Volley ball and was considered good looking with a slender figure and a charismatic personality to match it, or so I've been told.

I Naturally enjoyed outdoor activities, from hiking, biking running to playing volley ball I engaged in it. However After having 3 kids, I felt myself slowing down, especially my metabolism...which resulted in me gaining 80lbs.

 I began to shrink away from all my favorite  activities and even stop engaging in family activities, all because I felt ashamed of my body. 
This took a toll on me mentally, because I'd never put on that much weight. I became very self -conscious particularly around my friends and family because of what they would think about me.

I even avoided and irritated my husband sometimes, all because I thought he secretly hated me for all the weight I had gained.
It wasn't just the way I looked on the outside, it was the way I felt on the inside.....which caused me to blame myself.
I thought it was my fault for putting on all this weight because perhaps I was lazy and had allowed myself to get into bad eating habits, or even because I had bad genetics and hence was paying the price.

I Stopped letting silly thoughts control my emotions
After my emotional spell had passed I started thinking logically and realized my weight gain wasn't genetics because my Parents and Siblings were all naturally lean. Neither was it my fault because I was lazy or not disciplined enough to eat right, rather a result of a process that can happen to most women as they age.

I started exercising regularly, where I coupled my exercise regiment with Dieting, Protein shakes, Boot Camps, Yoga, Weight loss tea's  etc. you name it I tried it. 
Needless to say, it was ALL ineffective and the best I could ever get was 5 to 10lbs off, after months of strict Dieting and consistent work outs. What was worse was, the INSTANT I STOPPED working out or dietingI would gain back about 7 pounds. It was like I was being punished! Because all my hard work would go down the drain, just for giving my self a short break.

I got even more annoyed because of this...and felt like CANCELLING all my dieting and gym memberships...Which in Hindsight I should have because I felt like I was making no progress... Kinda like a dog chasing it's own tail. 

No Matter How Bad and Stressful it got, I Would Not Give Up.
I doubled my efforts, with more dieting, more exercising and a drive to succeed....I started searching and seeking to better understand why I was having such a hard time loosing my weight. That is when a friend of mine shared a Facebook post with me, that read "a short quiz that could transform your life". I felt weird about the post and thought it was funny!... The post had a link to a quiz that read "transform your life with this simple quiz" What a bunch of baloney, I thought to myself!

I Took a Chance and It Paid off
I thought to myself... here we go with the silly gimmicks...A QUIZ THAT COULD CHANGE YOUR LIFE?  you've got to be kidding me! I decided to try it as a dare and perhaps poke fun at it. Just so I could say "See, it's all a bunch of B.S." So I clicked the link and 
to my surprise the exact opposite happened. This short 5 Question Quiz led me to the discovery of the TRUTH behind my excessive weight, and why I wasn't able to lose it, this simple truth allowed me to changed my life for the better.

Amazing how the SIMPLE and UNEXPECTED things end up Surprising us
This simple Quiz led me to the discovery of a simple but long forgotten METHOD that all the Dieting, Exercise, Boot Camp, Yoga and Protein Shakes could not solve. Allowing me to get to the root of my problems and cut out all the excessive and unnecessary steps that were not giving me results. This Method gave me a real, lasting solution that got me to my desired weight.

A Powerful method that has transformed my life, and Not to mention it only takes 30 Seconds a day to use....

That is why am so excited to share it with you.
It's your turn to transform your life! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain - get to your ideal weight and enjoy the Health, Freedom, Joy and Admiration you deserve. Scroll up or Click below to Take the Quiz. 

How do you "Activate" Your Sleeping Metabolism?

  •  ALL Exercises are ineffective if THIS Isn't Working
    ​​If your metabolism is "Asleep" all exercise are ineffective because no matter how many times you workout there's is no fat being burned. That is why it is necessary to ensure your metabolism is fully "awake" before you try to workout.
  • ​​A proven solution that works.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          ​​A tested solution that works regardless of what else is going on in your life. Because your metabolism is key to shaping the body, this method set's you on the right course to success, making everything else easier.
  • ​Works for Any fitness level                                                                                                                                                                                                                                ​Because your metabolism is key, and greatly impacts your weight loss outcomes, this method works for ANYONE regardless of their level of fitness. This is the one thing that can have the biggest impact on their weight loss journey.
  • Scientifically based 100% Real                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Scientifically based and backed by years of research, this method is proven to work and known to deliver results.

Not a Big fan of quizzes...

....Take me straight to this amazing method that "Wakes up a slow" Metabolism

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